Storm Chaser: Establish trust, develop connection & experience emotional safety through the book of Isaiah SKU: 221124

Do you know anyone steady in a storm?

I was doing a course on healing attachment injuries many years ago when the trainer asked this question; 'Do you know anyone steady in a storm?'

She wanted us to identify people in our lives who provided unwavering support—the people who were dependable and gave emotional stability and secure connection.

At the time, I searched through my memory bank for the people who provided what the trainer described.

My parents did what they could. They didn't have the emotional intelligence or capacity to do more than they did.

I also knew many people whose parents did not provide any emotional stability, but I knew someone who does.

Throughout these 90 days, I will introduce you to my friend who is steady in a storm.

He calm storms - Mark 4:35- 41
He walks on water - Mark 6: 45-62
He speaks to winds and waves - Mark 4:35-41
He told Job that He gives the sea its limits and
stores the snow - Job 38:11; 38:22
The Ravens cry to Him when they are hungry - Job 38:41
And winds and waves obey Him. - Matthew 8: 27

After being in pain for ages, when my friend finally showed up, Job said I have heard about you with the ear, but now my eyes have seen you. Job 42:5

I hope that by the end of these 90 days, you too will be able to say, “I know someone steady in a storm”, and He will become your go-to friend for unwavering emotional support.


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