Cultural Competency Journal SKU: 212848

Cultural competency is the "ability to understand and interact with people from different cultures".

That said, we will never get to where we understand everything about another race or culture; however, we can learn enough to work appropriately with individuals in their context.

Counsellors, Therapists, and mental health professionals can develop cultural awareness that helps them provide powerful therapy that creates lasting change in the lives of black and brown people. 

That's where this journal can help. 

I have used my experience in Social Work education, my knowledge of my culture and my experience as a Counsellor to develop questions designed to help you think deeply and powerfully about values, power, diversity and countertransference issues in the therapy room.

You can't undo the racism and inequalities that black/brown people face, but you can provide a space where they can process those hurts and heal. 
An area free from implicit biases and judgements.




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