The Couple that Prays SKU: 210112

"Prayer is opening the heart to God as a friend."

When we pray, we bring the light of heaven into our hearts and homes. However, the enemy also knows the power of prayer, and he will do whatever it takes to make you busy, mad or otherwise too preoccupied to pray.

We've used prayer throughout our seventeen years of marriage to build intimacy, heal from different types of trauma, and help direct us in our parenting from birth and now in the teen years. Prayer helps us connect; it is in worship that we go when we feel things are not working as they should. Sometimes alone in our closet with God and sometimes together because we believe in the power of united prayer.

I hope that as you go through these twenty-one days, you will experience a revolution in your prayer life and your marriage.


Lined, guided, reflective journal with prayer prompts.



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