You only need to be still SKU: 183741

​Have you ever felt far from God?
In those times, we think that nothing we do can ever bridge the gap.
We don't have to bridge the gap. Jesus died that we might live. Because of His death, we have free access to the father.

In 'You only need to be still' you will have daily prayer prompts, questions to reflect and a lot more.

Watch your relationship with God change and grow during these 90 days.



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You will never have to wonder what to do in your quiet time with God again.  We've taken care of the next 90 days.

Here's what you will get:
Daily prayer prompts for all 90 days
Guided questions for reflection

Bible verses for encouragement, help with anxious thoughts and much more.

Twenty encouraging bible verses to use when feeling, anxious, depressed, lonely or need encouragement.