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Do you have a secret fear that's holding you back from building your blog? I'll let you in on a secret we all have one.

Whether it's the 9-5 that takes up most of your time, other areas of your business that demands your full attention or the fear that you won't know what to write to reach your ideal client. Believe me, I have been there, I was afraid to share my blog with anyone except friends and family. When I overcame that fear I blog haphazardly starting and stop, even though my audience looked forward to hearing from me.

Writing regularly is a discipline, most people with busy lives and hectic work schedules don't have time to invest in developing a writing habit.  That's where I can help.

About me

I am an experienced writer with over four years of experience writing content for my website. I also write as a guest blogger for other sites and my work is currently featured on Medium metered paywall. I have ebooks & Journals on Amazon and other self-publishing sites.

If you are ready to take your blog to the next level and receive regular views on your website, feed and connect with your tribe & appear in search results then this package is for you.



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The package includes

  •  2 Blogs - 1200 words written with one keyword (each) specific to your niche.
  • 30 Mins blog consultation.
  • Images that match your audience and topic.

After purchase, you'll be sent a form to complete, and an invitation to book a 30 mins blog consult where we will discuss your requirements and agree on timescales.