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Becoming Me: 21 Days Self Discovery Journey

Self-discovery is a life long quest. However, many are unaware of what it really takes to answer the question who am I?

In the self-discovery workbook and audio, I have given some handy tools to be able to ask questions you didn't know how to formulate so that you can answer this timeless question


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Boundaries & The Christian Woman

Many Christians don't set boundaries because they believe it's not Christian enough. However, every healthy relationship has boundaries.  These are limits that set the tone and quality of the interaction.

If you would like to have good quality relationships that last. If you would like to leave interactions feeling seen, heard and valued, this audio is a good place to learn some key things that will help in that process.

In this three-part audio, I am sharing some key things to consider in boundary setting, we are looking at the first place in the Bible where we see boundaries demonstrated and the things we can learn from this.

You will also learn elements of good boundaries and how to set and maintain boundaries.


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Cultural Competency Journal

Cultural competency is the "ability to understand and interact with people from different cultures".

That said, we will never get to where we understand everything about another race or culture; however, we can learn enough to work appropriately with individuals in their context.

Counsellors, Therapists, and mental health professionals can develop cultural awareness that helps them provide powerful therapy that creates lasting change in the lives of black and brown people. 

That's where this journal can help. 

I have used my experience in Social Work education, my knowledge of my culture and my experience as a Counsellor to develop questions designed to help you think deeply and powerfully about values, power, diversity and countertransference issues in the therapy room.

You can't undo the racism and inequalities that black/brown people face, but you can provide a space where they can process those hurts and heal. 
An area free from implicit biases and judgements.




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Father & Me

Many can relate to having fathers that were physically present but emotionally unavailable.  They were right providers, some suitable protectors but failed to connect with us on a level that helps us feel secure in their love and affection.

Many figure out as adults that they were loved as children.  This lack with father creates a deficit that we try to fill in different ways.  It shows up in unhealthy relationships patterns, inability to connect with others or sometimes a deep sadness that we cannot name.

After years of working with people trying to understand and heal from lack of connection in this vital relationship, I created a guided journal to help you name and work through emotions that surround the lack of contact with your father.


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Help My Son's A Teenager: One mother's story of using attachment to navigate the teen years

It may be happening in your home right now, the same as in millions of homes across the UK and perhaps the world. You went to bed with one child and woke up with another, or maybe it just seems that way.  As they eased into their teen years, everything changed.

In Help! My Son’s A Teenager I share what I learned and am still learning about parenting my teen son. 
I also share discoveries I’ve made about myself along the way and their impact on my parenting.

Join the journey as together we discover how to use a secure attachment to navigate the teen years.


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Letters To My Younger Self

Letters to my younger self is a guide to helping you engage with memories from childhood in a safe way that helps you heal. These exercises and letters are designed to help the child who experienced abuse, neglect, rejection and lack of love from parents and caregivers.

This 95-page workbook comes with:

  • Sample letters, the
  • Journal promotes and
  • Ample space to write to your heats content.

Letters to my younger self is the perfect guide to assist with inner child healing.



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Path to Secure Connection

A couple of years ago, The Business Insider published an article titled 17 facts everybody should know before they get married, which went on to list some essential things to consider before tying the know.  however, relationships are complicated, and everyone is different.  someone else's 17 facts might not be relevant to you and your circumstances.  However, there are some fundamental things that everyone should consider before marriage.

In this three-part audio, I have included some fundamental things that should be thought out in order to build a secure connection with your partner and have a successful and fulfilling marriage.




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Recognising the signs of abuse

In trying to recognise the signs of domestic abuse, you first have to learn what abuse is, the cycle of abuse and the impact of abuse.  Without knowing the signs of domestic abuse, you won't know how to support victims appropriately.

In this audio series, I will discuss:

  • What is abuse
  • The signs of abuse
  • The cycle of abuse

I will also share ways we can continue to support your church or ministry moving forward.



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RELEASED: The Christian's Guide To Letting Go Of Toxic Family Members (Ebook)

An adventurous guide to help you release toxic family members.

I know as a Christian you don't enjoy the thought that you have to find resources to help you release toxic family members.

You may not even want to admit that they are harmful. However, you can no longer ignore reality. Your family has hurt you too many times, and you need resources to help you stay safe.


That's what you will get with this guide. You will have help to set boundaries, work through forgiveness and safety, discover the role of prayer in dealing with toxic family members, plus so much more.


This ebook is not only a guide but an adventure in getting to know you more and giving you tools to deal with a problem that's in your family that didn't start with you.



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Shattered But Not Broken

More than ever, the world needs a message of healing. Joanna weaves this message of recovery throughout her story.

This is the story of a young girl who went from childhood molestation and the resulting shame and brokenness to restoration and healing. Joanna shares her journey so that you can see that recovery is possible. Although things might seem dismal at the beginning and your life appear beyond repair, you too can become Shattered But Not Broken. Joanna tells the story with honesty, compassion and empathy for the wounded child and understanding for the woman she has become.

Shattered But Not Broken offers hope and inspiration to every woman sexually abused as a child - and to those who care about her.


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Staying at Peace in an Unsafe World: A journal to help people of colour with coping strategies to combat racial trauma

Racial injustice is not new; we’ve lived it for centuries, and some have died trying to defend our right to be seen and treated with dignity and respect. Though racial injustice is not new, we have to devise ways to cope as people that will not put our mental health and emotional well being at risk.

When the world is unsafe, we can learn how to create safe spaces that will nurture and soothe.

I wrote this guided journal to share some specific and simple things that you can do to help keep you at peace in an uncertain world.


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Storm Chaser: Establish trust, develop connection & experience emotional safety through the book of Isaiah

Do you know anyone steady in a storm?

I was doing a course on healing attachment injuries many years ago when the trainer asked this question; 'Do you know anyone steady in a storm?'

She wanted us to identify people in our lives who provided unwavering support—the people who were dependable and gave emotional stability and secure connection.

At the time, I searched through my memory bank for the people who provided what the trainer described.

My parents did what they could. They didn't have the emotional intelligence or capacity to do more than they did.

I also knew many people whose parents did not provide any emotional stability, but I knew someone who does.

Throughout these 90 days, I will introduce you to my friend who is steady in a storm.

He calm storms - Mark 4:35- 41
He walks on water - Mark 6: 45-62
He speaks to winds and waves - Mark 4:35-41
He told Job that He gives the sea its limits and
stores the snow - Job 38:11; 38:22
The Ravens cry to Him when they are hungry - Job 38:41
And winds and waves obey Him. - Matthew 8: 27

After being in pain for ages, when my friend finally showed up, Job said I have heard about you with the ear, but now my eyes have seen you. Job 42:5

I hope that by the end of these 90 days, you too will be able to say, “I know someone steady in a storm”, and He will become your go-to friend for unwavering emotional support.


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Trauma Stabilisation Techniques

This is a self-help guide to assist you in managing triggers to restore yourself to a place of peace when triggered.

Triggers might seem overwhelming, but you can manage them effectively with good coping strategies.

This short guide will learn several healthy coping strategies that can help you overcome any obstacles.



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You Only Need to Be Still

Sometimes the thing that we need most we find the hardest to do. 

Stillness can be a challenge.

Life is busy for most of us, and it seems we are always rushing from one activity to another. We are trying to be the best parent, friend and partner.

In that place of busy, it sometimes hard to hear the voice of God, Stillness helps us to understand and to act and connect.

As you take this 90 days journey, I hope it will result in you developing the habit of stillness and hearing the voice of God in a way that will impact your life.



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