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63 Days Self-Care Calendar

Research shows that it takes 21 days for us to form a habit and 63 days for that new action to become a part of your life.  This calendar is designed to give you one self-care tip to do every day for 63 days.  You never have to wonder about what to do again. We got you covered.


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Becoming Me: 21 Days Self Discovery Journey

Self-discovery is a life long quest. However, many are unaware of what it really takes to answer the question who am I?

In the self-discovery workbook and audio, I have given some handy tools to be able to ask questions you didn't know how to formulate so that you can answer this timeless question


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Controlling Negative Automatic Thoughts

Negative automatic thoughts are subtle and repetitive thoughts that occur in response to everyday events.  These thoughts are often irrational and can generate feelings of anxiety and fear.  In this audio, I will teach you my three-step strategy to get rid of negative thoughts.


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Emotional Well-being Bundle

The truth is life happens and sometimes when we encounter challenges, and we do not have the right resources to help us cope, we crumble. I know that feeling, and it's not nice.  That's why we created the Emotional Well-being Bundle it is designed to give you the right tools that you will need to help you manage in those times when life is happening hard.


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Father & Me

Many can relate to having fathers that were physically present but emotionally unavailable.  They were right providers, some suitable protectors but failed to connect with us on a level that helps us feel secure in their love and affection.

Many figure out as adults that they were loved as children.  This lack with father creates a deficit that we try to fill in different ways.  It shows up in unhealthy relationships patterns, inability to connect with others or sometimes a deep sadness that we cannot name.

After years of working with people trying to understand and heal from lack of connection in this vital relationship, I created a guided journal to help you name and work through emotions that surround the lack of contact with your father.


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Inner Child Healing: five powerful exercises to heal your inner child

Learning to love your inner child helps to fill the gap created through lack of love.  It also helps you live a more fulfilling life where you can experience love, peace and joy.  In this eBook, I would like to share some essential tools that will help you love the side of you that never experienced affection, protection and kindness.

These tools will free you to engage with the hurt child and give you room to experience joy in a way you've never done before.


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Loving your Inner Child

Inner child work is the process of contacting understanding, embracing and healing your inner child.  Your inner child represents your first original self that entered into this world; it contains your capacity to experience wonder, joy, innocence, sensitivity and playfulness. Mateo Sol


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Never write your own blogs again!

Do you have a secret fear that's holding you back from building your blog? I'll let you in on a secret we all have one.

Whether it's the 9-5 that takes up most of your time, other areas of your business that demands your full attention or the fear that you won't know what to write to reach your ideal client. Believe me, I have been there, I was afraid to share my blog with anyone except friends and family. When I overcame that fear I blog haphazardly starting and stop, even though my audience looked forward to hearing from me.

Writing regularly is a discipline, most people with busy lives and hectic work schedules don't have time to invest in developing a writing habit.  That's where I can help.

About me

I am an experienced writer with over four years of experience writing content for my website. I also write as a guest blogger for other sites and my work is currently featured on Medium metered paywall. I have ebooks & Journals on Amazon and other self-publishing sites.

If you are ready to take your blog to the next level and receive regular views on your website, feed and connect with your tribe & appear in search results then this package is for you.



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Passive Income for Counsellors

If you're ready to produce content that will help generate an income for you over and over again then you are in the right place.

In this three-part audio and PDF resource guide, I share ideas that will help you move from

the idea to implementation.

You will be able to produce your first digital product and start enjoying passive income in no time.

Get the tools to help you produce your first digital product


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Prayer is an Act of Warfare: Claiming Bible Promises for you Teen- Prayer Journal

Praying through promises is a great way to connect to Christ and learn His heart and plans for our children. This stage of biological development is challenging, but God has a plan for both you and your teen to get through this phase with a more connected relationship.

Both of your characters will strengthen in Christ.


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Shattered But Not Broken

More than ever, the world needs a message of healing. Joanna weaves this message of recovery throughout her story.

This is the story of a young girl who went from childhood molestation and the resulting shame and brokenness to restoration and healing. Joanna shares her journey so that you can see that recovery is possible. Although things might seem dismal at the beginning and your life appear beyond repair, you too can become Shattered But Not Broken. Joanna tells the story with honesty, compassion and empathy for the wounded child and understanding for the woman she has become.

Shattered But Not Broken offers hope and inspiration to every woman sexually abused as a child - and to those who care about her.


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Staying at Peace in an Unsafe World: A journal to help people of colour with coping strategies to combat racial trauma

Racial injustice is not new; we’ve lived it for centuries, and some have died trying to defend our right to be seen and treated with dignity and respect. Though racial injustice is not new, we have to devise ways to cope as people that will not put our mental health and emotional well being at risk.

When the world is unsafe, we can learn how to create safe spaces that will nurture and soothe.

I wrote this guided journal to share some specific and simple things that you can do to help keep you at peace in an uncertain world.


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You Only Need to Be Still

Sometimes the thing that we need most we find the hardest to do. 

Stillness can be a challenge.

Life is busy for most of us, and it seems we are always rushing from one activity to another. We are trying to be the best parent, friend and partner.

In that place of busy, it sometimes hard to hear the voice of God, Stillness helps us to understand and to act and connect.

As you take this 90 days journey, I hope it will result in you developing the habit of stillness and hearing the voice of God in a way that will impact your life.



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